Name Quadruple mass spectrometer
Capacity 0.01ppm with 5g of steel sample
Spec. & Model HTDS-002N
Application Hydrogen desorption analysis 
Name Universal Materials Tester
Capacity 10 ton
Spec. & Model Instron 3382

Tension test




Name Cutting Machine
Capacity 40 mm pipe, 30 mm solid bar
Spec. & Model HEIWA TECHNICA Fine Cut HS-45AII

Universal, automatic cutting-type machine 

Highest degree of precision 
Ease of operation and excellent durability 
Horizontal cutting is available in auto/manual modes 
Manual cross-feed for table

Name Box Furnace
Capacity Max. temp. up to 1300
Spec. & Model Lenton furnace

Heat treatment of various specimens 

Manual/Program heat treatment schedule 
Inert gas or special gas 
Auto-calibration of PID value

Name Electro-polisher
Capacity Output voltage: up to 100V
Spec. & Model Lectropol-5

Automatic, micro-processor control 

Electrolytical polishing and etching 
Short polishing times and maximum reproducibility

Name Auto Polisher
Capacity 220V, 6 mount
Spec. & Model Mechapol P 320

Variable speed (50-500rpm) or two selected speed 

Plate diameter: Φ250-300mm, 2 rotation direction 
Digital display of speeds, weights, times.

Name Optical Microscope
Capacity X50, X100, X200, X500, X1,00
Spec. & Model Olympus

Observation of macro/microstructure 

Observation of etched microstructure 
Counting of special features in microstructure

Name Gas Cromatography
Capacity 0.5 ppm gas detector
Spec. & Model GC 7890A (agilent)

Hydrogen desorption analysis 

Oxygen/Nitrogen desorption analysis 
Various gas detecting by electronic pneumatics control

Name Universal Materials Tester
Capacity 10 ton
Spec. & Model Instron 8501 (with long column)

Tension test & Cyclic fatigue test 

Compression and flexure test (hot or room temperature)
KIC fracture and 3 point bending test
High and low cycle fatigue test

Name Universal Materials Tester
Capacity 10ton
Spec. & Model Instron 8801
Application Creep & stress-relaxation test
Fatigue crack propagation test
KIC fracture and 3 point bending
High and low cycle fatigue test