Mailing address
POSTECH GIFT MRL 77 Cheongam-Ro, Nam-Gu, Pohang, Gyoungbuk
Telephone Number & E-mail
  • Prof. Chong Soo Lee
  • + 82-54-279-9009 (, Fax. + 82-54-279-2399
  • Personal assistant
  • + 82-54-279-9053 (, Fax. + 82-54-279-5162
  • Laboratories
  • + 82-54-279-9161
How to get our lab
By Airplane
Almost all flights coming from outside Korea arrive at Incheon International Airport in Seoul. Some arrive at Gimpo International Airport in Seoul but not frequently. Please be sure to check which airport in Seoul your flight arrives before coming to Korea to prevent any confusion.

From Incheon International Airport, you need to go to Gimpo Airport where you will transfer to a flight to Pohang. You will find a limousine bus departing to Gimpo Airport at the platforms of 3B, 4B, 10A, and 11A on the first floor of the Incheon International Airport. One-way fare for adult is about 6,500 KRW and you may either pay in cash on the bus or purchase a ticket at the ticket office outside of the building on the first floor. For bus schedules and more detailed information, please visit the Incheon International Airport homepage.

Due to the weather condition or personal preference, some choose to transfer to a bus instead of a connecting flight. There is an express bus available at Incheon International Airport, leaving from the platform 10C of the airport to Pohang every 2 to 4 hours from 7:00 to 21:30. The bus stops at Gyeongju Terminal before it reaches its final destination, Pohang, so be sure not to get off at a wrong stop. The fare for one-way trip is 40,800 KRW and for more information or online reservation, please visit: INCHEON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT
By Train
Korea’s national railway system provides both express and regular train services in Pohang, with four direct trains daily to and from Seoul. The direct train, Saemaeul, takes approximately five hours from Seoul to Pohang. Another option is to take the KTX, the Korean bullet train, from Seoul to Dong Daegu and transfer to a Saemaul or Mugunghwa, to Pohang.

You may also transfer to a limousine bus to Pohang at the Dong Daegu station. There is a sign for the bus stop or go out to the exit No. 7 of the train station to catch a bus. The one-way trip costs 7,400 KRW and only cash is accepted. The bus leaves every hour from 9:30 to 20:30.

If you are planning to travel by a train, reservations are necessary to guarantee a seat. To learn more about the Korea Railroad or make a reservation, please visit: KOREA RAILROAD
From the Pohang train station, taking a taxi will take 20 minutes and costs about 10,000 KRW.